IADD supports and strives to maintain the integrity of Illinois Drainage Districts. As one of the smallest forms of government, drainage districts have organized local groups of landowners; successfully draining small watersheds over the years to harmonize with Mother Nature.
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Spraying a Drainage Ditch - You Will Need a Permit for That
Effective October 31, the Illinois EPA issued the General NPDES Permit for Pesticide Point Source Discharges.  The landonwer OR the entity hiring applicator (i.e. drainage district) OR Applicator must apply for a Pesticide Permit, complete necessary paperwork, and pay applicable fees.  Read More
Drainage Commissioners Must Complete Open Meeting Act Training
Effective January 2012, all elected and appointed officials, including drainage commissioners, are required to complete an Open Meetings Act (OMA) Training online. Read More
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 “We Can’t Be Sued For That, Can We?” - Rob Mentzer, Bliss McKnight, Inc.
Did you know that even small contracts can expose your drainage district to big lawsuits? When you use contractors to clean ditches, cut trees, install tiles, etc., you could end up being sued if someone is injured or something is damaged, even if the contractor caused the problem.
What can you do to help protect yourself and your district?  Read More
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Gather Drainage Intelligence
Properly managing a drainage system that embraces new technology, provides good drainage for landowners, preserves natural resources, and stays with in the legal perimeters of the drainage law and government regulation can make anyone feel like they are on a classified mission.  The IADD Annual Conference is designed to equip drainage commissioners, landowners, and drainage professionals with the “Drainage Intelligence” to face any drainage challenge with confidence.  Read More 


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